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Established in August 2012, Australian Relief Organisation Limited is a voluntary, not-for-profit and non-government organisation that is involved in development, relief and advocacy activities for a better world.

Our organisation is a large Australian NGO and delivers humanitarian initiatives on a non-discriminatory and non-denominational basis in 22 countries. Placed at the front line of the Australian non-profit industry, Australian Relief Organisation Limited is

  • registered as a Public Company by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission),
  • certified as a Charity and a Public Benevolent Institution by ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission) and
  • endorsed as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) by ATO (Australian Taxation Office) to provide tax deductible donation receipts.

Our local and international activities are outlined below:

Local Activities 

  • Social Inclusion Services Aged care and hospital visits by volunteers
  • Projects for People with Disabilities Vounteer visits and fundraising initiatives
  • Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Assisting the newcomers through social integration programs
  • Homeless Support Assisting the homeless via community kitchen programs
  • Social Responsibility Program Involving college and uni students with charitable programs
  • Clothing Donations Collection of apparel for clothing appeals and charity shop

International Activities 

  • Water Wells Establishment of water wells in Africa and Asia Pacific
  • Orphanages Construction and refurbishment of orphanages in Africa and Asia Pacific
  • Health Sponsorship of cataract surgeries in Africa
  • Sponsorships & Alms Financial support to orphans worldwide
  • Emergency Relief Financial aid and clothing donations to the needy worldwide
  • Meat Appeal Meat donations to the needy worldwide
  • Dinner & Food Pack Appeal Dinner and food pack donations to the needy worldwide

By July 2016, our organization was nationally recognized for its exceptional humanitarian initiatives and received an “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the Australian Business Awards.

We are grateful to our supporters, as their trust in our organization and funding paved the way for significant humanitarian achievements. Through our international development, public health, human aid, and emergency relief programs; we

  • Established 109 water wells and secured clean drinkable water to 72,130 locals in Tanzania, Cambodia, and Malawi,
  • Sponsored surgical operations in Africa and restored sight to 609 cataract patients,
  • (with local partnership) Established an orphanage in Cambodia, which hosts 60 youth with free boarding and meals,
  • Undertook 3 orphanage refurbishment projects and improved living conditions of 240 youth in Malawi and Cambodia,
  • Provided regular financial support to 160 orphans,
  • Provided food support to 63,428 people (est) across 6 countries in Asia Pacific by distributing iftars and food packs through annual Ramadan Appeal program,
  • Provided meat support to 197,610 families (est) across 12 countries by distributing meat packs through annual Qurban Appeal program,
  • Delivered clothing and financial aid to 19,000 people in 6 countries.

(Cumulative numbers, as of September 2019).


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