Bosnia Floods Appeal Oct 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by the heaviest rainfall in 120 years in May 2014. After multiple floods and hundreds of landslides, death toll was over 40 and more than one hundred thousand people fled their houses.

As a response to worst floods that hit the Balkans in living memory, our organisation ran a floods appeal campaign and delivered monetary donations to 11 flood stricken families in Bosnia.

To conduct a field research on the affected areas, we teamed up with a local partner; Izvor Nade or the Source of Hope Foundation of Sarajevo. After a joint investigation with Izvor Nade, we have identified a number of families whom were affected by the catastrophe and our Vice President, Dr Naing Win traveled to Bosnia personally.

On 29 October 2014, Dr Win and three Izvor Nade officials visited the Zeljezno Polje village of Zepce district. This area was heavily affected by the floods, as many farmer families lost their homes and fields due to flooding and landslides. Despite a lapse of five months, some arteries leading to the region were still closed and many houses were in uninhabitable condition.

Visiting houses individually, Dr Win delivered the emergency relief proceeds to the families in need. Spirits were high during the visits as aid recipients were touched by the surprising donations form a far away country. Dr Win also conveyed our message that thoughts and well wishes of the Australian community is with Bosnia and its friendly people

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