Belmore Boys High School joins forces with ARO

Our Clothing Bins Program

As a socially responsible charity, Australian Relief Organisation has been running a clothing appeal program since 2014. Through our clothing bins, we collect apparel, shoes and handbags from the Australian public across NSW. Our program has the following goals and environmental outcome:

– Reduce the amount of recyclable textiles ending up in our landfills,

– Assist local councils in reducing their waste management costs,

– Provide a textile recycling point for the NSW community,

– Provide affordable clothing to Australian community,

– Sending the collected items to needy overseas communities.

As a NACRO (National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations) accredited charity, we

have a number of clothing bins placed with councils, schools, child care centres and businesses at present.

Our Partnership with Belmore Boys High School

Recently, Belmore Boys High Schools responded to our environmental concern and joined forces with our organisation.

Our special thanks goes to Hala Ramadan, Principal and Manal Sabbagh, Community Relations Officer of the Belmore Boys High School for their social responsibility, welcoming our bins to their school site and mobilising the school community towards this initiative.

For more on our clothing bins program, visit

Should you wish more information or partner up with our organisation to place a clothing bin at your premises, please contact our office.

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