Clothing Recycling Program

As a socially responsible charity, Australian Relief Organisation has been running a clothing appeal program since 2014. Through our clothing bins, we collect apparel, shoes and handbags from the Australian public across NSW. Our program has the following goals and environmental outcome:

– Reduce the amount of recyclable textiles ending up in our landfills,

– Assist local councils in reducing their waste management costs,

– Provide a textile recycling point for the NSW community,

– Provide affordable clothing to Australian community,

– Sending collected items to needy communities overseas.

As a NACRO (National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations) accredited charity, we

have a number of clothing bins placed with councils, schools, child care centres and businesses at present.


Dedicated Drivers As an experienced charitable textile recycling operator, we have a dedicated drivers team who monitor bins for timely maintenance.

Content Removal Performed several times a week during off peak hours. Frequency of visits can be adjusted according to volume.

Dedicated 1800 number Our bins display a dedicated 1800 phone number for extra pickup requests.

Comprehensive Site Cleaning Performed each time with content removal. Our site cleaning includes all rubbish removal even if they are not textile related.

Graffiti Removal and Repaint Graffiti is removed within two weeks after a vandalism is reported. Bins are repainted every two years.

Clothing Bin Dimension Our bins are 1000 mm wide, 1050 mm deep and 1750 mm high. This converts to a capacity of 1.83 m³.

Serving a wide range of stakeholders Across Western Sydney, we have a number of clothing bins placed with councils, schools, child care centres and businesses.


Our program is important in an operating environment where 85% of used textiles are ending up in the landfill in Australia.

A recent study* finds that we send over 500,000 tonnes of recyclable textiles to landfill in Australia each year. This is because we are experiencing a “Fast Fashion” phenomenon globally. “Low-Cost & Low-Quality” clothing availability causes textile waste reach 4 times higher as compared to two decades ago. (*YouGov Survey, Oct 2017)

Making things worse, China announced that it would no longer import foreign waste by July 2017. As a result, Australia is now faced with a huge waste management problem which threatens its ecosystem.

Needless to say, a wide range of stakeholders including governments, councils, schools, private and civil society, should show their effort to minimise the adverse effects of this environmental threat.

Should you wish more information or partner up with our organisation to place a clothing bin at your premises, contact us on 02 8065 8469 or on

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