Fundraise for Us

With support of individuals, organisations and community groups; Australian Relief Organisation has been able to make a huge difference to many lives across Australia and overseas.

There are a number of ways you can fundraise for our organisation. They include – but not limited to

  • running bbq stalls at populated retailers such as Bunnings,
  • distributing our money boxes to your family and friends, school network and workplace,
  • establishing corporate sponsorships – e.g. offering sponsorship on services/goods provided,
  • establishing corporate donation arrangements – e.g. donating a % of sales or profit of business,
  • organising workplace giving programs to your staff for our organisation – e.g. salary sacrifice,
  • organising workplace fundraising events for our organisation – e.g. an auction dinner,
  • fundraising to sponsor our humanitarian programs – e.g. cost of human aid container shipment,
  • fundraising to sponsor our humanitarian public events – e.g. homeless kitchen,
  • fundraising to sponsor our pr events – e.g. our annual corporate dinner,
  • fundraising in celebration – e.g. sponsoring a cataract certificate or a water well as a birthday, wedding or anniversary present or as a sign of remembrance for a deceased person,
  • fundraising in school or university – e.g. running a fete stall at your school or uni,
  • participating at a sports event (such as Sydney Running Festival) and donating your registration fee (by raising funds through a fundraising team),
  • volunteering at our stalls placed at shopping centers and collecting donations, and
  • volunteering at our stalls at yearly festivals and public events and sell merchandise.

To discuss further details of our fundraising opportunities, please contact our organisation on 02 8065 84 69 or on 03 9309 6168.

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