Homeless Shelter Needs Delivered

Female Homelessness in Australia

There are 50,000 homeless women in Australia. Due to domestic violence, or a financial crisis due to a job loss, women become homeless and are forced to live under unsafe conditions.

While many have their children living with them on the streets, female homelessness in Australia turns into human tragedy with many women killed, hospitalised or attacked over the recent years.

Government and councils are trying to respond to the issue, however existing services cannot meet the demand for safe housing available to women at risk.












ARO is now partners with a Female Homeless Shelter in NSW

As a response to this alarming humanitarian issue, we formed a partnership with an Australia charity that provides emergency accommodation for homeless women in NSW, namely Women’s Community Shelters.

Due to overwhelming demand and newly opened shelters, our partner is in need of many household items for women at risk. After meeting with its management, our organisation has undertaken two projects to meet their urgent needs.

Our Project : Supplying Bedding & Homeware Needs to a Female Homeless Shelter in Sydney

In our first joint project, we aimed to provide various bedding and homeware needs for a WCS shelter for 15 homeless ladies . Thanks for your support, we were able to deliver this joint project recently.


Photo: Actual photo from the female shelter

Presented on 30 June 2017, our cheque covered expenses for the project. Thank you for your support.


Photo: ARO President Ahmet Aydogan and Project Coordinator Leila Khiev with Annabelle Daniels; CEO of Women’s Community Shelters.

In our second joint project, we aim to provide a second hand people mover vehicle to the shelter. To view details and to donate towards our second project, visit this link

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