Mission, Vision & Principles


Our mission is to serve humanity.

In pursuing this mission, we engage in community support and emergency relief in Australia. Our global focus on the other hand, is on sustainable development, health, humanitarian aid and emergency relief activities.


Our vision is a prosperous world without extreme poverty. In its entirety, causes of extreme poverty can be challenged in;

  • a safe world, where all nations live in peace and harmony,
  • an equal world, where all human beings are treated equally,
  • a dignified world, where all nations have access to basic human necessities including food, water, housing, health and education,
  • a caring world, where developed countries support developing nations for resources and technology to reduce easily preventable deaths and diseases, and
  • a hopeful world, where developing nations work towards succeeding globally through educational, social and financial empowerment of their own people.


  • Dedication and sincerity in serving humanity,
  • Determination and reliability in voluntary service,
  • Commitment in delivering positive change to vulnerable individuals or communities,
  • Advocacy of philanthropy for the poor and the needy,
  • Non-discriminatory and non-denominational approach in serving humanity,
  • Professionalism, accountability and transparency in corporate governance.

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