Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship Program

Australian Relief Organisation has been running an “Orphan Sponsorship Program” since 2014.

Our program is crucial in a world where 140 million children worldwide are orphans. Without parents and a source of income, many orphans in underdeveloped world barely stay alive under extreme poverty conditions.

Thanks to our international partnerships, we have access to a number of orphanages across Malawi and Cambodia where we support hundreds of orphans.

Donations towards this program provide necessary funding to orphans for food, clothing and education.


Support our “Orphan Sponsorship Program”

As hundreds of orphans await urgent funding, we invite you to support our “Orphan Sponsorship Program”.

This vital humanitarian initiative is open for donations throughout the year and we accept one-off or recurring monthly donations for the program. Monthly orphan sponsorsorship start from $50 per month per child.

Since this program is most suitable, sponsors can also use their Fitra, Zakat and Sadaqa donations to support an orphan. Kindly note we channel Fitra, Zakat and Sadaqa donations to support orphans as a corporate policy.

To support an orphan, visit this link and refer to our bank accounts or follow prompts for online/paypal donations.



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