Papua New Guinea Human Aid & Clothing Appeal

Container Shipment Ceremony – FEB 2016

On Sat, 20 Feb, the Australian Relief Organisation has held its first community breakfast of 2016.

With over 55 guests, the breakfast was followed by the opening speech of MC, Rifat Akpinar who is also serving at the Advisory Board of the ARO. Our President Ahmet Aydogan followed him in welcoming guests and our CEO Cihan Tumen shared the achievements of the charity with attendees.

Guest of Honor of the day was Kerim Balci, Editor in Chief of the bimonthly journal of Turkish Review. Balci stressed the importance of altruism and how our charitable services should be cherished by donors, so they can enjoy the concept of giving.

After our new advisor Amro Abdelkarim shared his recent overseas charity trip experience with the audience, Choppers Transport and Martin Bencher (in absence) received their “Thank You” plaques for supporting our activities as corporate sponsors.

Our youth rep Adam Abdelkarim’s sentimental speech was overwhelming to the crowd, especially when expressed his shock of witnessing extreme poverty in Malawi. This was when he was attending the completion ceremony of our orphanage refurbishment project with his fellow Amity College schoolmates on a charitable journey. Finally, Kagan Korkman received his Certificate of Appreciation for sponsoring a cataract surgery in Mali.

This pleasant gathering was concluded with a humanitarian activity. A few months ago, Paradise High School from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea contacted our organisation and requested a container load of humanitarian goods from the Australian community. The material will be share with the poor and the needy of the PNG community.

Subsequently, we ran a human appeal campaign for the Country and today loaded up a 40 foot container with apparel, shoes, toys, school equipment and homeware for the underprivileged people of PNG.

Group photos were taken at the end to mark this auspicious activity.

Distribution Ceremony – March 2016

On 25 March 2016, ARO officials and volunteers visited Papua New Guinea to organise a human aid and clothing appeal project in the Country. The project was coordinated with our local partner Paradise High School in Port Moresby.

Through our local partner, our organisation established contact with the Papua New Guinea Government to identify the needy communities around Port Moresby. With assistance of PNG Department of Justice & Attorney’s Office, a number of vulnerable areas were selected for clothing distribution to the needy. Including Gerchu, Morata, Baruni, Sabama and 6 mile establishments, human aid materials were distributed in high crime rate areas to the needy under the security provided by PNG Police Force Crime Prevention Unit.

During official distribution programs, PNG Secretary of Justice Dr Lawrence Kalinoe thanked our CEO Cihan Tumen and Director of Paradise High School Safak Deliismail for organising such an important humanitarian activity. Government officials also expressed their gratitude for the generosity of the Australian public and invited our organisation for long term sustainable development projects to the Country.

Along with our volunteers Dr Omar Baarini, Muhammed Nizar Al Shourbaji and Hannan Baarini, our team also visited a school for orphans where 200 orphans and abandoned children attend in Port Moresby. Following our meeting with the management, orphan children and the surrounding community were provided with human aid packs.

Thanks to selfless efforts of Safak Deliismail and Paradise High School teachers, the distribution process ran smoothly and an estimated 8,000 people were provided with clothing, shoes, bags, books, educational materials and homeware. It was overwhelming to observe that our human appeal packs were highly appreciated by the locals due to high unemployment rate in targeted areas.

Special thanks goes to Paradise High School teachers and students who voluntarily took part in the packing process of human aid packs. We are also thankful to PNG Government Department of Justice & Attorney’s Office for mobilising their workforce during the distribution process.


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