Zakat al Mal & Zakat al Fitr

Zakat is one of the five pillars in Islam. It is a tax on the property of the well-to-do person for distribution to society’s poor…


SADAQAH (voluntary giving of charity) is a righteous act in Islam.
It shows the example of strong faith of a person…

Iftar & Food Pack


Fitra is a gift of food or money that each adult pays towards the end of the month of Ramadan before the Eid-ul-fitr prayers…

Cambodian Floods Appeal

NSW Bush Fire

Clothing Appeal March 2014

In the late 2013 Cambodia faced heavy floods due to Monsoon rains nearly 190 people died and around 144,000 people were affected and got homeless due to this disaster, this was spread in almost every province of the Cambodia covering approximately 80% of the country. A human appeal organisation in Cambodia and National Police of […]

Cambodia Visit Apr 2014

A delegation of Australian Relief Organisation members organised a visit to Cambodia between 21-25 April 2014 to participate in various Humanitarian Aid programs and investigate further aid projects that will assist the people of Cambodia. On April 21, 3 representatives of ARO touched down in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. They were hosted by […]

NSW Bushfire Appeal Dec 2013

Bushfires, that affected the Blue Mountains region a couple of months ago, have caused 2 fatalities, destroyed 248 houses and burned down 118,000 hectares of forest and bush land. With an estimated damage over $94 million, the fires have been the worst in NSW since the 1960s and have left the people of the region […]

Ramadan Appeal July 2014

As of May 2014, ARO officially launched its 2014 Ramadan appeal. This year’s iftar dinner and food pack donations will be sent to Cambodia, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand
Packages :
$3 per person Iftar donations (provides an iftar for one person for one day)
$30 per family Food Pack Donations (includes rice, noodles, milk, sugar, water and other personal needs)

Soma Mine Explosion Campaign 2014

301 workers were killed after an explosion on 13 May 2014 at a coal mine in Soma, Manisa of Turkey. Lets respond to the worst mining disaster of the Turkish history. Your donations will be distributed to families of the mine explosion victims. To donate for this project, please click here   Bank Details for Donations […]

Bosnia Flood Appeal May 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina was hit by the heaviest rainfall in 120 years in May 2014. After multiple floods and hundreds of landslides, the regional death toll is in excess of 40 and more than one hundred thousand people have been forced to flee their houses. Let’s respond to worst floods that hit the Balkans in living […]