Qurban 2018 Delivered

Australian Relief Organisation completed its sixth qurban meat distribution program during 2018 Eid al Adha. Marking the completion of Hajj pilgrimage, Eid al Adha is one of the most significant days of Islamic calendar, when millions of Muslims sacrifice a livestock animal and share its meat with poor and needy worldwide to gain God’s pleasure.

In 2018, the sacrifice period has commenced on 21 August and your donations empowered us to feed thousands of locals in Kenya and Sri Lanka.

We thank all donors for their support and school delegations for their engagement with our Qurban Appeal program.

Enjoy the highlights of our distribution programs in following albums:

2018 Qurban Meat Distribution Program – Sri Lanka – Album 1

2018 Qurban Meat Distribution Program – Sri Lanka – Album 2 – Sirius College, Melbourne

2018 Qurban Meat Distribution Program – Kenya

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