Qurban Appeal 2017 Delivered

Qurban Appeal Delivered

Australian Relief Organisation completed its fifth Qurban Appeal in September 2017.

What is Qurban?

Literally meaning sacrifice, qurban refers to an Islamic tradition of sacrificing a livestock animal (including sheep, ram, cow, ox, camel or goat) during the annual Eid al Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) festive season. To seek God’s pleasure and reward, believers distribute the processed meat worldwide and reach out to poor and needy each year.

For believers, this tradition commemorates Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience of a command from God and salvation of Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) with a ram sent from Paradise. This yearly ritual also marks the completion of the Hajj pilgrimage. In a deeper sense, it also symbolises that believers can sacrifice anything in order to worship God, comply with His orders and gain His consent.

Our Qurban Campaigns

Australian Relief Organisation has been running qurban campaigns since 2013.

Carrying out distribution on behalf of our donors, we deliver qurban meat to needy locals across the globe. Thanks to your support, we distributed meat across Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Senegal, Gambia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia to date.

Delivered in poverty stricken regions, your qurban meat caused great joy and happiness among locals. To witness the distribution process of your qurban meat, our volunteer delegations travelled to remote corners of the world. There, they shared the happiness of thousands as a result of your donations.

For highlights of our previous qurban campaigns, visit





2017 Qurban Campaign

In 2017, the qurban period was between 01-03 September 2017.

Thanks to your generous donations towards our humanitarian relief program, we were able to feed thousands of locals in Philippines and Sri Lanka this year.

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In early September, a student delegation from Sirius College Meadow Fair Campus, Melbourne arrived in Sri Lanka to monitor the qurban distribution process to the poor and the needy across the island. During the course of the project, Intercultural Dialogue Foundation of Sri Lanka has provided their assistance as our partner organisation. They also hosted the Year 10 students from Sirius College and coordinated their travelling during their stay in the Country. For highlights of Sirius College delegation, visit here

Visiting Sri Lanka for the occasion, there were also two other volunteer teams from Sydney and Adelaide as well. They were warmly welcomed by locals when distributing thousands of meat bags. For highlights of our Sydney and Adelaide volunteer groups, visit this link

On another location, our volunteers team from Brisbane travelled to Philippines to monitor the distribution process. ICAD Foundation of Philippines was our country partner for the humanitarian program. They also hosted our volunteer team during their stay. For highlights of our Brisbane volunteer group’s visit to Philippines, visit here

We thank those who supported this meaningful humanitarian program with their donations. Our special thanks go to all four volunteer teams for their travelling to targeted countries and their engagement in our charitable activities.


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