Ramadan Appeal July 2014

Ramadan Food Pack and Iftar Distribution

Cambodia July 2014

On July the 14th, ARO volunteers Yildiray Odemis and Mehmet Canli travelled to Cambodia’s capital city Phnom Penh. They were hosted by Mekong Charity; ARO’s partner organisation in the country.

On July the 15th and the 16th, Odemis and Canli attended a number functions organised by Mekong Charity and delivered iftars and food packs to the poor and the needy around Songkat Srah Chork and Songkat Chroy Chongva regions.

During their visit, volunteers visited some of the five water wells established by ARO so far, and also delivered the zaqah, sadaqa ve fitra donations to the needy in the region.

Due to the existence of arsenic in the drinking water, child mortalities and other diseases including cancer incur in Cambodia.

Volunteers have happily witnessed that approx 200 people benefit from each well that are opened by the ARO. More importantly, wells provide healthy water solutions to people of the region.



Philippines July 2014

Food Pack Distribution

Between July the 23th and 26th, ARO volunteers Gurkan Gurbuz, Cevdet Adali and Erhan Er visited the Philippines to distribute iftar and food pack donations.

They were hosted by ICAD; ARO’s partner organisation in the country.

During their stay in Zamboanga city, the ARO delegation stayed at the local Turkish school; Tolerance College. The school provides education to 350 students and it was operational even during the 2013 civil war.

Due to the civil war, approximately 30 thousand people are living in barracks within the city stadium of Zamboanga at present.

Volunteers distributed the food aid packs close to this area at the poor suburbs. Containing rice, oil, soy sauce, noodles, etc., food packs relieved difficulties of the needy to some extent.

While delivering food packs in narrow streets and 15-20 sqm houses with limited electricity and water, volunteers witnessed the prayers of the needy to the donators.

Later, the delegation travelled to the rural town of Taluksangay, and distributed iftars to approximately 800 locals.


Iftar Distribution








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