2018 Ramadan Appeal Delivered

2018 iftar and food pack donations were shared with locals at several locations in Cambodia. We thank all donors for their support and school delegations for their engagement with our Ramadan Appeal program.

Charity Mission Group from VIC

For distribution, a student and teacher delegation from Sirius College, Melbourne travelled to Phnom Penh and joined numerous programs held across the Country.

On 01 – 03 June 2018, the team visited a number of cities and attended mosque iftars. They travelled to poor villages and witnessed children without shoes, homes without roofs and families without food.

Sharing your food packages with thousands of locals, they were warmly welcomed with smiles, good wishes and prayers.

Humanitarian experience was inspiring as they visited our orphanage in Kampong Cham and observed the social impact of water wells established by our organisation.

Enjoy the highlights of their distribution trip on the following links:

Vic Ramadan 2018 – 1

Vic Ramadan 2018 – 2

Vic Ramadan 2018 – 3

Vic Ramadan 2018 – 4

Charity Mission Group from NSW

Our second delegation was made up of 26 volunteers who are parents, students, graduates and teaching staff from Amity College, Sydney. Travelling to Phnom Penh on 09 June 2018, the group attended a number of food pack and iftar distribution programs across Cambodia.

Observing extreme poverty conditions faced by the locals, our trip was an eye opening experience for the delegation. At several locations, the group handed out your donated donated food packs which brought joy and happiness to poverty stricken communities. Over iftars, they socialised with locals at a safe and friendly environment.

What made the trip so special was their visit to Kampong Cham. After a long trip, they visited our orphanage and met 60 youth who are supported by our organisation.

The visit was unique, as group members delivered 19 laptops for their computer lab. We have now completed this vocational program for the center, which will assist the youth for their education and add IT skills for their employment.

Enjoy the highlights of their distribution trip on the following links:

NSW Ramadan 2018 – 1

NSW Ramadan 2018 – 2

NSW Ramadan 2018 – video clip – 4.26 mins

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