Social Responsibility Development Program

Our “Social Responsibility Development Program” is popular among Australian schools and universities, as involving students with local and international charitable activities contribute to student development tremendously.


Our organisation was invited for a dinner at to Auburn Girls High School on Thu, 01 June 2017.

The dinner for 150, which was jointly sponsored by the school and our organisation, connected our community members and volunteers with teachers, students and their families on a pleasant occasion.

Following Anna Tsoutsa (Principal) and a number of speakers on school activities and cultural shows, our president Ahmet Aydogan addressed the audience about our operations. It was also great to witness that Auburn GHS students are actively fundraising for our humanitarian programs at present.

Our special thanks go to Anna Tsoutsa (Principal), Belinda Diamond (Deputy Principal) and Fatima Amr (Partnership Development Coordinator) for welcoming us for this special community event second year in a row.

Some photos from our community dinners with Auburn Girls High School is follows:


Through a number of university clubs, our organisation promotes its local & international human programs to a younger population.

At present, there are 250 university students registered with our students club through ARO UNSW Student Club and ARO UTS Student Club. Activities include on-campus and fundraising events for students.

Including dinners, our social programs also connect university students on a yearly basis.

Should you wish to hear about our local and international programs for your school, university or sports club, please contact our organisation.


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