Water Wells in Cambodia

Since 2014, our organization develops water wells across Cambodia for needy communities.

We are engaged in such an international development activity as tap water is undrinkable in Cambodia with high arsenic levels. Yet, many locals continue to consume the contaminated and poisonous tap water due to low-income levels. Naturally, that poses great health risks and many NGOs work towards building water wells to avoid fatalities, stillbirths, and other illnesses.

While water shortage is huge, many rural communities depend on water wells for their daily water consumption, sanitation, and irrigation. Hence, donated water wells by NGOs are highly appreciated by locals.

By September 2019, we established 61 wells across Cambodia (plus 2 under construction). In total, our wells provide clean water to 33,828 locals (on average 555 people per well).

To find clean water, we have drilled down to 36 meters on average (for all wells established) below the surface. Unlike dug wells (which are quite common and usually dry up in dry seasons), our wells continually pump artesian water throughout the year and provide a sustainable living condition to surrounding communities in dry seasons.

Here are some of our wells established in the Country:


Water Wells Establishment Procedure 

Cost of establishing a water well in Cambodia is $5,000 with an approximate completion time of two months. After receiving your donation, we contact our local partner in Cambodia. Before digging, we seek permission from the local government through our local partner. 

After obtaining permits, we do a preliminary excavation. After reaching the water catchment, we examine the water quality by sending samples to labs where we test them for 18 different criterias.

“To see our sample “Water Test Lab Report”;

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If the water is drinkable, we install water pumps and place the names of water well donors on the establishment. We provide well sponsors a receipt for their donation, as well as an information sheet which pinpoints the well’s location in the country. As the gps position of the well is provided in the info sheet, our well sponsors can have a stopover in Cambodia and visit their establishment. 

To see the our sample “Water Well Information Sheet”; click here

Our wells come with a two year warranty and also regulated by local authorities for its construction and water standard quality.

Video Clip – 2.05 mins Water Well Establishment Procedure for Cambodia

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