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With 50 million population, Eastern African state of Tanzania is located between Kenya and Mozambique. General health condition of Tanzanians are poor with excess mortality due to AIDS, high infant mortality and low life expectancy rates.

According to 2012 figures, 47% of the population has no or limited access to clean water resources in Tanzania. Usually people who live close to to lakes or rivers are fortunate, but even Tanzania’s ground water is not always clean as toxic drainage systems leak into and contaminate the ground water in the country.   

As a result, many Tanzanians suffer from waterborne diseases including bacterial diarrhea, malaria, hepatitis A and typhoid fever as well as water contact diseases; including schistosomiasis and leptospirosis.

Clean Water Services in Tanzania 

In order to respond to current water crisis in Tanzania, our officials paid a field visit to Tanzania in September 2014. 

After meeting with the local borehole contractors and a feasibility study jointly undertaken by our local partner; Kamer Trust, our organisation is now offering clean water services in Tanzania by November 2014.

By October 2017, we established 32 wells in Tanzania.

On a sustainable basis, our wells provide clean water to a total of 24,576 locals throughout the year.

Bringing out drinkable artesian water from 89 meters (on average) below the surface, our wells provide continuous clean water to 745 locals per well (on average) even in dry seasons.

Here are some of our wells established in the Country:

Water Well Establishment Procedure in Tanzania 

Cost of establishing a water well in Tanzania is $6,000 with an approximate completion time of two months. After receiving your donation, we contact our local partner in Tanzania. 

After the preliminary excavation, we install the water pump and place the names of water well sponsors on the establishment.

We provide the well donators a receipt for their donation, as well as an information sheet which pinpoints the well’s location in the country. As the gps position of the well is provided in the info sheet, our well sponsors can always visit their well in Tanzania should they wish.

To see the our sample “Water Well Information Sheet”; click here 

To see the established water wells in this country please click here 

A Sample Water Well in Tanzania

Video Clip – 4.02 mins

To establish a water well, please click here

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